New Website



When we were setting Mammoth up, some 5 years ago now, I distinctly remember looking round at other companies’ websites & thinking “this hasn’t been updated for months, that’s terrible, I’d never let that happen” & here we are. We’ve had the craziest couple of years & guess what, we never updated our site. I understand now why it happens. The main reasons? Time & need. When we’re busy delivering projects they take over our lives completely & when they’re back-to-back-to-back as ours have been, you get to the summer & think “I need a break” not “I need to update the website”. That’s the time element, then there’s need. When you’ve got work lined up for the next 12 months it’s more important to successfully deliver that work than it is to shout about it. Anyway, we’ve burnt the midnight oil & we’ve delivered. Rebrand, new website, Instagram the works; hope you like it!